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Help your child experience the Jewish roots of Jesus in the book Jesus and Me: One Child's Friendship with the Son of God.
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Imma, aged 8, is a bold little girl who lives in Bethany (where Mary, Martha and Lazarus live) near Jerusalem. Jesus comes through there on his way from Galilee and that’s where they meet for the first time. After this – her life is never the same.

Journey with her as she (interupts) the parable of the Good Samaritan, witnessess the feeding of the five thousand and the raising of Lazarus – and gets to know the Messiah as a person.

Set in an authentic cultural and historical context, and utterly respectful of scripture – Jesus and Me is the chance to show your children Jesus through the (imagined) eyes of a child who knew Him.

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Praise for Jesus and Me

“What first caught my attention was the illustrations – a Jesus that actually looks Jewish, and a little girl of color.   The story did not disappoint.  It was fun, and touching in some places, to see Jesus through Imma’s eyes. I love the way Biblical truths and accurate historical details were woven into the story. A great way to teach kids about Jesus.

Elizabeth Proske, author of the The Mission Field Trilogy

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Review 2

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite Website

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Joshua Cartwright’s children’s story, Jesus and Me: One Child’s Friendship with the Son of God, provides another look at the well-known stories of the Bible, a look through the eyes of children. This may be written for children, but since we are all children of God and must believe as children believe, then these stories are relevant to us older children as well. The illustrations carry the story along and the useful author note to parents helps explain the use of scripture to present a fictional story of a possible encounter between one child and Jesus. A wonderful learning tool to expand one’s faith, written for children of all ages.

This is how the Israelites cooked bread on the inside of their ovens.

Review 3

“To make a work of fiction based on the Bible is not always easy. The fact that one must still be true to the Scriptures and not misrepresent the teachings, precepts and indeed the content thereof is most critical. Here the author has done justice to that very important aspect, showing care to deliver the message as the Scriptures have presented it… This review recommends the book for children as it has proved the great input of the author, accuracy of the story line and the very important Scriptural references used.”

Reviewed by Rodrick R. Nsefu, Deacon of Eagles Christian Centre, East Rand, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Raising of Lazarus in Jesus and Me.

Review 4

“I love the premise of this story. I think it will be a valuable tool for parents and educators to make the Bible come alive for young children. Based on my own in-depth studies of scripture I would say your depiction of life during Bible times is very accurate.

I especially like that you have chosen a young female protagonist who is very knowledgeable about her own religion. I’m always pleased to see the role of women and girls in the Bible brought to the forefront.

The stories flow well and Imma’s connection to them makes sense. I’m certain I’ll turn to this book when my grandchildren are old enough to appreciate its significance.”

Jeanette F. Chaplin, Ed.D. Author/Educator

Founder, Owner, Words are Forever, teacher at Grand Canyon Christian University, Arizona 

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