About Joshua Cartwright

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Joshua Cartwright always found books to be a gateway to a better world. As a young boy whether he was programming his Acorn Electron or sneak reading James Herbert he loved stories and the worlds they created.

In about 2007 he started writing blogs for self-help psychology websites to promote his coaching business, Living Words. He wrote and published over 100 articles on websites such as ezine.com, pickthebrain.com and the popular stevenaitchison.com

A few years later, as the Kindle book revolution was starting to really power up he wrote Meta-Reflections: 16 personal and philosophical keys for success ( which he now thinks was a very pretentious title!) and started his writing career. He would go onto to publish x more self help books including:

  • The NLP Users Toolkit
  • Is Self Esteem Just a Big Con?
  • Meta-Yes, Meta No: Belief Change
  • The Personal Powerback (audio)
  • Meta-Stating Concepts (audio)
  • The Mind to Muscle SuperCharge
  • Renewing Your Mind with Christian Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • The Millionaire Silence
  • The Millionaire Knowing
  • Your Mind is a Liar
  • What to Do When Self-Help doesn’t Work

After meeting his wife Glenda, from South America, he wrote Spouse and Children’s Visa Applications :How to Successfully Prepare Your Evidence Pack after a court battle to win her back.

When their child Seraphina was a few years old Joshua started telling her bedtime fairy stories. After a few months he ran out of stories about trolls kidnapping schoolchildren so, in desperation he made up a story about her grandmother who lives in Guyana.

Granny JJ was born and over the next three years The Granny JJ Adventures Volume 1 & 2 were written with the help of the Guyanese community because by myself – “Me nah know wha fuh do!” Volume 1 caught the interest of the Guyanese Government who are currently buying copies for the school system!

One day Seraphina was delaying going to bathe – again! Daddy said in exasperation “I’m going to write a book about you and call it The Girl Who Took Forever !” This led to a book that your child can colour and read at the same time. Seraphina also had a nightly Bible story and some months later she asked daddy to put her in the stories. Before long, Seraphina was following Jesus around (in the stories!).

Joshua is currently finishing Jesus and Me: One Child’s Friendship with the Son of God partly as a result of these stories. You never know where inspiration will strike!