Why writing ‘back to front’ helps me

People do judge a book by its cover. So I get my cover designed first.

Many people may consider this a giant waste of money so let me explain my thinking process.

Before a book exists it is just an idea. You can spend a long time creating a story, characters etc -and then decide you hate it and don’t want to do it.

I get a fairly basic cover sketched out and this helps me by acting as a focal point for my thinking. As I look at the cover (which I have printed out and put on the wall) I ask myself if this is an idea I think I can work with. It’s another variation on the ‘get your thoughts on paper’ idea except that it’s a lot more visual.

Secondly, it acts as a reminder and an inspiration for finishing the book – it’s like I have the cover and now I want to write the book to go behind it.

Last year I came up with a couple of ideas:

  • My Daddy is a Ninja
  • Harmony and her HUGE hair

Both has promising ideas which, ultimately, I was unable to pad out to make a decent story from them. But I did get an internal picture designed from The Girl Who Took For-EVER! done – and this spurred me on to be even more creative.

I would encourage you to not throw away your ideas. While I was writing The Granny JJ Adventures Volume 1 I came up with several stories that I could just not finish. Eighteen months later when I was working on Volume 2 I was able to find the plot point that saved the story -and now it is in the book.

Let me know if you have any unusual ways of writing your book – share the tip!

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