So you want to be an inventor?

Why do you want to climb Everest?

“Because it’s there.”

George Mallory, famous Himalayan mountain climber

I don’t know why you want to be an inventor – perhaps you want to make extra money for you and your family; maybe you invent just for the joy of it; or it could be that you want to make the world a better place. Or it’s all of these reasons and more….

You may be just like George Mallory – you invent because you can’t help yourself – that is certainly my main driving force. There is stuff that just has to come out because it’s there. And that is why I started this blog which I will call ‘The Innovators Journey‘ because I have found it’s good to share what you’ve experienced so that others can learn from it – and perhaps not feel so alone.

Innovating can be a lonely journey. It doesn’t have to be but it often is because although innovation is becoming more common – the innovator can still be seen as the ‘mad scientist’ in the room.

If I may share a little – I’ve been interested in creativity since 1992. Since then I’ve used it to produce work at and for national magazines, created activities for local authorities, lessons for church teaching, written 15 books, and invented a shed load of products.

Nothing of mine is world famous but I think you’ll find that doesn’t matter because you are I are on the same road. I – and my friend Matthew who you will come to know – have known the highs (when Matthew got a big tv network deal) and lows (imagine having $50,000 put into your account because you got a deal only to have it taken back 2 days later) of innovating – yet we persist. We cannot help ourselves.

As Picasso said: “If you are a painter you must paint.”

So, I hope you will join as we talk about the things we have learned – and we hope to learn from you too. Very soon there will be an email course called The Innovators Edge – but be warned – it’s only for people serious about upgrading themselves as top-notch innovators and it involves real work to improve.

But…we look forward to meeting you. God bless and we’ll speak soon.

Joshua Cartwright
Lightening Launch Product Ambassador, author, and overly-optimistic kind-of-guy.