ThrowBox Innovation Studios

Welcome! Are you interested in getting an edge as an innovator – the Innovators Edge?

My name is Joshua Cartwright and I’ve been studying and using creativity techniques for over twenty years in jobs as diverse as writing for UK women’s magazines, managing public libraries, selling NLP courses, cognitive life-coaching, and authoring children’s and adult’s books. I currently work with an American innovation firm and an ex-Marine to develop fresh and innovative product ideas that are ‘out of the box’. Sometimes we ignore the box.


If your work involves – or desperately needs – innovation and creativity to suceed – then we’re of like-mind – and you are in the right place.

Truth be told – these days what work doesn’t?!!

I’ve used creativity research and practical tools for years and I want to share with you the best of what I have found. I’m developing a course based on cutting-edge research that will enable you to get ahead by adopting changes in lifestyle, as well as technique.

As I am convinced that we innovators can impact the world for the better I am looking to build a community of people that want to do just that. I will be starting the ‘Innovation for the Nations’ page reporting on positive innovations to inspire us. I’ll also journal my own experiences as an innovator and since, yesterday, I didn’t get a liscensing deal I was hoping for, I will talk first about dealing with these kinds of dissapointments.

I believe in leading by example so I’ll share this for now.

I’m about to close a deal with a Government of a third-world country that suffers from crime and deprivation. The deal is to supply books I wrote about an old-lady detective who does solves mysteries and does good deeds in the very communities they live in. This book will be dispersed throughout the school system and the values in there will positively impact a generation of children across a country.

It is my deep wish that I, and the people who join this community may invent tools and devices that better the human condition. As Craig Becker of Millionaire University says ‘Success is the fundamental duty of every human being’ and so, let us go to it …together.